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smithys fried chicken with side of mashed potatoes

The Four Hottest Restaurants In Dallas: Smithy

Located in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood, Smithy opened for dinner service in April 2018 and now also serves up lunch and happy hour. Smithy’s ‘unique eats’ menu features American, Asian, French and Mexican-style cuisine.

plated crab nachos

Smithy Not Commonplace

Development that honors and preserves Dallas’ history isn’t standard operating procedure in this city. That makes the care and nurturing of historic sites like The Woolworth downtown and Smithy in East Dallas even more endearing. Especially when the effort includes top notch drink and food menus.

plated pork pear sandwich and french fries

Hip Knox-Henderson openings surround this luxe rental community

We’re only a little more than halfway through 2018, but already Knox-Henderson has undergone some major changes. Even better: each one of those changes has made the already cool neighborhood even cooler, and there’s more on the horizon.

exterior shot of smithy restaurant patio

Smithy on Henderson Avenue

Knox-Henderson serves as a hub for some of Dallas’s most interesting bars, dives, and restaurant concepts. At Smithy, KH’s most recent addition, guest’s can enjoy a variety of globally inspired plates and cocktails, on all of which Smithy puts a delightful southern spin.

plated filet with side of vegetables

A breakfast and brunch spot bringing modern American fare to Knox-Henderson

The eatery offers a variety of dining options, including wings, nachos, soba bowls, zoodles, salads and more. Its drink menu includes cocktails, like Lost At Sea, That’s My Jam, The Healer and others, along with options for beer, wine and champagne.

exterior shot of smithy restaurant

Oh Hey Dallas: Smithy

The rise of Henderson Avenue continues with the addition of sexy Global cuisine-focused, Smithy! With the team from Downtown favorite, The Woolworth, at the helm, Smithy is exactly what Henderson needed..and we didn’t even know it!

exterior shot of smithy restaurant

Cool Cocktail Haven Opens Up in a Former Ironwork Shop

Henderson Avenue’s Newest Hotspot Brings Instant Patio Cred and Global Food

interior shot of smithys restaurant dining room

Henderson Avenue’s Newest Restaurant Arrives Today

Smithy will serve ahi tuna noodle bowls, steak, and fresh fish in a completely redesigned space.

interior shot of smithys restaurant dining room

Now Open on Henderson: Smithy, With ‘Global Influences’ and Spirit-Forward Cocktails

What is Smithy, exactly? Much like just about every restaurant opening right now, its mission statement is ambiguous but filled with trendy buzzwords like “shareable,” “crafted” and “progressive.”

close up of plated crab nachos

Smithy Opens Tonight on Henderson Avenue

The restaurant and bar from the team behind The Woolworth calls the old Hibiscus space home.

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