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Brunch at One of the Best Restaurants in Dallas

Are you looking for somewhere that serves avocado toast to help cure your hangover from last night? Whether you’re on-the-go and missed breakfast, or you’re looking for a casual atmosphere to kick back with friends or family, SMITHY Fine Spirits & Provisions has what you need. Our ala carte and brunch menu options offer small portions to sate your appetite and help you make it until dinnertime. Brunch in style at one of the best restaurants in Dallas at SMITHY. Our chefs work with bold, unique flavors from all across the globe to meet anyone’s culinary tastes. All items are made in-house using only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients from the state of Texas. You’ll find plenty of vegan, keto, and vegetarian-friendly options on our menu.

Your Brunch Table Awaits at SMITHY Dallas

Our local sports bar in Dallas has a blacksmith theme in honor of the Henry Potter family, a local family with a love for blacksmithing spanning four generations and over 90 years! We proudly serve familiar breakfast and lunch fare and unique items with a twist on our brunch menu. Whether you’re in the mood for grilled tamales, a farmers’ omelet, or one of the best burgers in town, you’ll find a huge variety here. Whatever you ultimately choose for brunch, you can’t go wrong with your selection. Contact us to book your table today and discover one of the best-kept brunch secrets in the Lone Star State. Please keep in mind that parties of five or more must all be present before being seated. Should you have any specific dietary restrictions or concerns, be sure to let us know ahead of time, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

Break the Fast with These Tantalizing Options

You’ve never lived until you’ve tried our Garden of Eaten, our Japanese Cakes, or our Hangover special, which includes jumbo buttermilk biscuits, habanero fried chicken, bourbon maple syrup, brown sugar pecan peppered bacon, hashbrowns, cage-free eggs, sausage, and roasted poblano cream gravy. Moreover, if avocado toast has secretly become one of your favorite indulgences, we have that on our brunch menu too (sans judgment). Say goodbye, hunger, and hello, appetite at SMITHY!

porridge | 9

chia tea, golden raisin, banana, candied pecan, local honey, pomegranate, almond soy milk, molasses wheat toast

japanese cakes | 10

vanilla anglaise, banana, pomegranate, maple butter syrup, strawberries, coconut nectar and blueberries

grilled tamales | 14

corn masa, pork carnitas, salsa verde, feta, heirloom pico, cage free eggs, sopa de frijol negro

salmon benedict | 18

salt and pepper salmon, poached duck eggs, shitake, totsoi, lemon-scented hollandaise, tomato jam, grilled baguette

farmers omelet | 15

tenderloin, sausage, pecan bacon, caramelized onions, tater tots, redneck cheddars

salmon toast | 14

farm fresh eggs any style toast: hippie health, boursin cheese, hot smoked salmon
salad: arugula, onion, cherries, candied pecan, honey-lime vinaigrette

avocado toast | 12

farm fresh eggs, pecan bacon toast: hippie health, avocado, sea salt, cilantro
salad: arugula, onion, cherries, candied pecan, honey-lime vinaigrette

garden of eaten | 13

egg white, grilled squash and zuchinni, sundried tomato tapenade, wild s’hrooms, spinach, pea shoot pesto, crema, molasses wheat toast

the hangover 2.0 | 16

jumbo buttermilk biscuit, habanero fried chicken, bourbon maple syrup, cage free eggs, sausage, brown sugar pecan peppered bacon, hash browns, roasted poblano cream gravy



Unique Eats: From Truffle Fries to Texas Poutine

Our Unique Eats include everything from truffle fries, sicilian calamari, and smoked salmon pizza to our local spin on poutine and crab nachos. Whether you order our Butcher’s Burger, Tacos Hombre, or Isla Tacos, you’ll be licking your lips (and fingers) long after brunch is over!

tots poutine | 12

hand made tater tots, gravy, cheese curds, pecan bacon, nana’s pot roast

isla tacos | 13

served two up fresh catch, flour-dusted, chipotle tartar, cabbage, lime pico de gallo, avocado salsa, queso fresco, sopa de frijol negro, queso and chips

chicken quesadilla | 11

chicken, smoked gouda, pecan bacon, mango salsa, crema, tomato jam

crab nachos | 15

blue crab, taro chips, jalapeno, heirloom pico, avocado butter, sriracha aioli

chowder and cheese | 16

red dog chowder: mirepoix, tomato, potato, poblano, shrimp, fish, crab “grilled cheese”: smoked gouda, gruyere, american, sour dough

butcher's burger | 16

dry aged beef, roth moody blue, gruyere, bacon onion marmalade, aioli, southern bun

grilled vegetable | 13

zucchini, yellow squash, red pepper, yellow pepper, sundried- tomato tapenade, roasted garlic and herb cheese, grilled naan

tacos hombre |14

served two up, short rib, bacon jam, pickled red onion, roasted garlic aioli, peach salsa, feta, cilantro micro green, sopa de frijol negro, queso and chips

truffle fries | 9

white truffle oil, shaved pecorino, house ketchup



Build a Better Brunch with Our Ala Carte Menu

Our ala carte menu lets you build your ideal brunch from scratch, combining items such as fresh fruit, eggs, sausage patties, pecan bacon, hashbrowns, molasses wheat toast, and jumbo biscuits. If your taste buds feel adventurous today, be sure to try our famous biscuit and poblano gravy!

Build Your Own

fresh fruit | 4
two eggs | 3
egg whites | 4
pecan bacon | 5
sausage patties | 5
biscuit and poblano gravy | 6

jumbo biscuit | 4
hashbrowns | 3
paisano toast | 2
hippie health toast | 2
molasses wheat toast | 2



Enjoy a Healthy Lunch with Our Greens Menu

Are you looking for a healthy lunch in the neighborhood? We’ve got plenty of greens on our menu, including a kale salad with our signature honey-lime vinaigrette or our fruit and nut salad with our house-made pomegranate vinaigrette. Cut back on the brunch calories without feeling deprived!


hot smoked salmon, kale, sea salt, pomegranate, clementine, radish, avocado, feta, pepitas, honey-lime vinaigrette

field greens, shredded chicken, candied pecan, berries, apple, onion, blue, pecan bacon, heirloom tomato, pomegranate vinaigrette

Come Dine With Us