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A Local Bar in Dallas with a Casual Setting

Our bar team at SMITHY prepares handmade classic cocktails with modern riffs to call them our own. We combine our knowledge and experience with spirits to create tasty beverages suitable for after a busy day at work or to enjoy during a celebratory dinner with friends or family. We always use locally-sourced ingredients to help build syrups, tinctures, and infusions to our patrons’ liking. Our local bar in Dallas also offers an incredible selection of high-end scotches, whiskeys, and tequilas for both neat and on-the-rocks pours.

SMITHY’s Cocktail, Beer, & Wine Selection

With 10 locally-sourced draft lines for our craft beer selection and several bottles of classic domestic beers available, our local bar in Dallas has a beer for all manner of beer drinkers. If beer isn’t what you had in mind, our wine selection is sold by-the-glass or by-the-bottle, so that you can switch varietals with ease or share with your entire table. We have reds, whites, and champagne bubbles from across the world that pair nicely with our tantalizing global cuisine. Be sure to ask your server for expert advice about what would go best with your meal at SMITHY!

Fine Spirits from Around the World

SMITHY offers fine spirits from around the world, ranging from inhouse infused spirits to rye whiskey, cognac,  brandy, tequila, and absinthe. Whatever your pleasure is, you’ll find it on our top-rated fine spirits menu.

Flaka | Seasonal

Flaka "Skinny Frozen Watermelon Margarita"
105 Calories per drink
A Flaka is a girl who is beautiful from the inside out. She's gorgeous and elegant. She is friendly to everyone and always there to help someone with a problem. She smiles all the time and everyone loves to be around her. She's also very smart and funny, she knows when to be serious and when to let loose. Flaka is simply amazing.

Going Coco | Seasonal

Going CoCo "Frozen Pina Colada"
Coconut cream is integral to the king of the coconut cocktails, The Pina Colada. Our version called "Going Coco" uses this base for our summer frozen cocktail that also combines a tropical blend of Pineapple, Orange, and Lime juices, Orgeat, Coconut Rum and Plantation Overproof Rum. Beat the heat and see why everyone's "Going Coco" at SMITHY

flower child | 12

lemon, bergamot, hibiscus and pomegranate infused vodka, sparkling rose

harvest | 11

cinnamon, nutmeg, all-spice, ginger, clove, apple cider vinegar, spiced rum, apple brandy, almond crème'

katy trail mule | 11

oro blanco vodka, gin, lime, simple, ginger beer with ginger candy

it's amore | 11 (ask for it spicy!)

aperol, tequila, lime, simple, garnished with candied orange

roasted n' toasted | 11

vanilla-infused vodka, night rider nitro brew, almond vanilla cream

the healer | 11

gin, lime juice, ginger, tumeric, honey, tazo zen tea, apple-ginger kombucha

that's my jam | 11

lillet rose, vodka, lemon, strawberry preserves, garnished with peel of cucumber

figgin' old fashioned | 11

rye whiskey house, fig jam, heirloom oranges, vanilla extract

hammer time | 12

rye whiskey, cognac, orange curacao, amaretto with luxardo cherry

sol y sombra | 12

brandy, blanc vermouth, absinthe

Local Drafts with Distinct Flavors & Hops

Local craft beer enthusiasts will love our locally-sourced draft lines from the Dallas/Fort Worth area on tap featuring bold flavors and distinct hops. You won’t be able to say no to our Temptress Nitro Stout or Golden Opportunity Kolsch. If you’re feeling funky, try our Pineapple Cider with your meal. The special ingredients may take you by surprise in a good way!

temptress nitro stout | 9

abv 9.1% ibu 56 | lakewood brewing company
dallas, tx

100 angels singing double ipa | 8

abv 9% ibu 100 | texas ale project
dallas, tx

smash and grab ipa | 7

abv 6.2% ibu 70 | legal draft beer company
arlington, tx

blood n honey american wheat ale | 7

abv 7% ibu 20 | revolver brewing
granbury, tx

great scot ale | 8

abv 6.8% ibu 24 | peticolas brewing
dallas, tx

payne pilsner | 7

abv 5.5 % ibu 31 | texas ale project
dallas, tx

golden opportunity kolsch | 7

abv 4.6% ibu 27 | peticolas brewing
dallas, tx

free and clear gluten free lager | 7

abv 4.9% | legal draft beer company
arlington, tx

true love raspberry sour | 8

abv 5.2 % | martin house brewing
ft. worth, tx

pineapple cider | 8

abv 5% | bishop cider company
dallas, tx

Keep It Casual with Domestic Bottled Beers

If you’re not in the mood to try one of our craft beers or bottles of wine tonight, you can keep things low-key with a domestic beer. Feel free to catch the local game on TV and sit at our bar with one of our domestic bottled beers, including Bud Light, Coors Light, or Miller Light.

  • bud light | 5
  • coors light | 5
  • dos xx | 6
  • michelob ultra | 6
  • miller light | 5

After-Dinner Drinks to Go with Your Conversation

Pair your sparkling after-dinner conversation with something from our scotch, whiskey, bourbon, or tequila selection tonight. Our above-the-well offerings are as sublime as the company you keep.


glenfaraclas 12 yr | 20
highland park 18 yr | 35
johnnie walker blue | 40
macallan 18 yr | 45
lagavulen 15yr | 38
balvenie 14 yr | 30
caribbean cask

whiskey bourbon

angels envy | 20
mitchers rye | 20
basil hayden | 17
blantons | 21
hibiki harmony | 25
high west campfire | 24
high west double rye | 14
nikka taketsuru | 25
thomas handy rye | 45
whistle pig rye | 29


casamigos blanco | 15
milagro anejo | 15
casa noble anejo | 22
clase azul anejo | 96
don julio 1942 | 47
clase azul plata | 28
herradura reposado | 14
casamigos reposado | 22
del maguey vida mezcal | 12
montelobos mezcal | 14

Share Some Bubbly with Your Table Tonight

If it’s a special occasion, SMITHY offers bubbles from around the world, including some of the best champagnes from France, Italy, and Spain. Perhaps you’re in the mood for a decadent splash of dessert wine with Simonnet Febvre Brut Rose, or maybe you’d fancy a glass of bubbly with warm, rich notes of brioche, French toast, and roasted almonds from Ruinart Blanc de Blanc.

simonnet febvre brut rose | btl 62


anna brut rose | 8 | btl 40


la marca prosecco | 8 | btl 40


moet imperial | btl 149


veuve clicquot btl | btl 175


ruinart blanc de blanc | btl 229


White Wines Pair Well with Our Seafood Dishes

There are many types of dishes that pair well with a glass of white wine, including fresh seafood and spicy Asian dishes, both of which you’ll find in abundance at SMITHY.

matua sauvignon blanc | 10 | btl 35


ferrari carano sauv blanc | 11 | btl 39

sonoma coast

barone fini pinot grigio | 9 | btl 32


the calling chardonnay | 14 | btl 49

sonoma coast

wente chardonnay | 10 | btl 35


minuty rosé | 13 | btl 45


11 minutes rosé | 12 | btl 42


Red Wines Pair Well with Many of Our Proteins

Many dishes pair well with a glass of red wine, ranging from lean red meats to chicken and salmon. Be sure to ask your server if you’re not sure what to order with your red wine. We’ll set you straight at SMITHY!

story point cabernet | 12 | btl 42


justin cabernet - paso robles | btl 75


layer cake bourbon aged cabernet | 11 | btl 39


borossa valley gsm | 9 | btl 32


belasco llama malbec | 11 | btl 39


louis latour pinot noir | 13 | btl 46


van duzer pinot noir | 14 | btl 49

willamate valley

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