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Est. TX 2017 Smithy Fine Spirits & Provisions

Smithy Offers Spirits & Provisions in Dallas, TX

Smithy is derived from the trade, Blacksmith. This is a tribute to the previous tenant of our location, Henry Potter. He was an established blacksmith in the Dallas, TX area. He and his family have been in the trade for the past 90 years and have spanned their love for blacksmithing across four generations. They continue to be a staple in the Dallas area and were the perfect inspiration for our locally sourced spirits and provisions concept.

Smithy Provisions

At Smithy, you will find cuisine that draws inspiration from all across the globe, while keeping our menu items familiar and approachable. We are beautifully blending sustenance and the human desire for fellowship. Time after time, Smithy is striving to deliver an elegant and fun experience through fine spirits and provisions. All menu items are made by hand and are locally sourced from Texas.

Fine Spirits & Provisions

Smithy Spirits & More

The bar team at Smithy provides progressive and spirit-forward drinks. They maintain classic standards for cocktails as well as modern techniques to bring them into the Golden Age of mixology. They utilize local ingredients for syrups, tinctures and infusions. There is also a brilliant selection of fine scotches, whiskeys and tequilas behind the bar.

Locally sourcing doesn’t stop at food at Smithy. All ten of our draft lines are filled with craft beers from local Texas breweries and are on a rotation. We also carry domestic bottles for the more classic beer drinker.

Our red, white and bubble wine selection span the Old World and the New for a well-rounded trip around the globe. Whether you’re looking for by-the-glass pours or full bottle purchasing, Smithy has the perfect pairing for your snack or meal. Cheers!

line of delicious cocktails sitting on bar top

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